Answers to all your questions about Clearly-You jewelry. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, submit a question by clicking the “Ask Us” Link at the bottom of the screen.

What is it made of? Precious metal and glass. Most of our items are .925 sterling silver with several designs offered in 14K yellow gold. We also have several designs available with a 14K yellow or rose gold plating on top of the .925 base.

Will it leak? No. We use a double sealing method that will prevent leaking.

Why glass? Our selection of glass is due to the tight tolerances that are achievable. In addition, the glass we choose has magnifying properties. This glass will magnify the stones that are inside the pendant/ring/bracelet etc. It is like looping each diamond, minus the effort. Each piece of glass is hand blown by a skilled artisan, so each piece is unique.

Will it break? While it is unlikely, it is possible for it to break. However the base is made from borosilicate glass which is a very strong, resilient glass. It is used in the medical industry to make pressure vessels (so you can image the strength). Our collections are also designed in such a way to enhance the strength of the glass, especially for the rings and cuffs. Some of our sales staff will show an example of the resilience and strength of the glass by hitting the domed glass against a hard surface to demonstrate. They are meant to be worn, and are not going to break during normal everyday wear. However, if you drop it off the top of a roof onto hard concrete, or run over it with a car… it will probably break the glass.

What is the fluid? The fluid inside is a proprietary viscous mixture that Clealry-You developed. It is all natural, and not harmful. It will not change colors or yellow over time. It coats the diamonds and glass as a means of protecting the stones and glass from scratching. We formulated it to be a precise viscosity that allows the diamonds to move at a visually appealing rate. The fluid was developed to have a similar index of refraction to that of the glass, so that the “line” created by the hollow glass cavity is less visible.

What are the stones? Diamonds.

Can I use my own stones? No. Clearly-You only uses our own hand selected diamonds that are guaranteed to be genuine.

Can you put in birth stones? No. Only diamonds are placed inside our jewelry. Here is why: diamonds have a high refractive index making them sparkle inside the fluid and glass. When you put stones with a lower refractive index inside, they look “washed out.” When these other stones are placed in a fluid, they do not have that beautiful sparkle or life like the diamonds do. We do offer a large variety of diamond colors, so one great thing people do for a mother’s pendants or birthday gifts is to use diamonds that are the same color as the birth stone.

How do I know the diamonds are real? First and foremost, we test all of our diamonds chemically to ensure they are real. Every article of jewelry will come with a diamond authenticity certificate, certifying that the diamonds are real and this certificate displays the total carat weight of the piece. We can only use high quality diamonds because of the magnifying properties of the borosilicate glass. If you look close enough, you can see inclusions in the stones (a definite sign of real diamonds). So, we cannot use heavily included stones, or stones with a low clarity in our product or it will look terrible! Rest assured knowing, you will be receiving the best of the best when you purchase Clearly-You.

Are the diamonds treated? Yes. We use color enhanced diamonds. Our white diamonds are not treated. We offer all colors except pinks and purples (unless we are running a VERY special promotion.)

Why is there a bubble? There is a small bubble in all of our items. This bubble actually helps with the diamond movement. The bubble creates a type of turbulence within the fluid causing the diamonds to twist and turn as they travel through the fluid.

How do I clean it? Because of the materials we use for assembly it is recommend that wearers simply use a polishing cloth. A heated ultrasonic can damage the jewelry and this would NOT be covered under the warrantee.

What is on the tablet? The tablet will be used with the store’s wi-fi to display a CY approved section of the CY website or slide show or video of CY product. The tablet can be used as an interactive activity for customers to choose their jewelry item. Using our personality palette and colorology, customers can choose their color and the program will recommend a piece of jewelry. Our product and displayers create a unique customer experience.